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Comment The Five Minds of a Manager

The Five Minds of a Manager the five aspects of the managerial mind—has proved not only powerful in the classroom but insightful in practice, as we hope to demonstrate in this article. We’ll first explain how we came up with the five managerial mind-sets, then we’ll discuss each in some depth before concluding with the…

Narrative Comment

Analyzing the thesis statement of the narrative, it can be seen that it focuses on the importance of decision-making. At the same time, it also allows readers to examine how effective choices can help provide the satisfaction necessary in order to address the individual’s needs in a deeper level. In terms of the narrative’s point…

Film Comment

“Just too many ideas. I wanted all these characters, they all meant something to me, but I wanted them to weave together in some way; I wanted it to feel unified in the investigation” (Russell qtd. in Smith 4). These are the words of David O. Russell, writer-director of the movie I Heart Huckabees, when…



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Freedom to Comment

When working in a group, one cannot help but find things to disagree on. I don’t believe that is a deliberate choice; I believe that is just the way things are, since each person is endowed with the faculty of reason. In one of my experiences in working with a group, I had to decide…

Close Critical Commentary

Thetis is a poem written by the British poet Carol Ann Duffy in her collection The World’s Wife. Unlike most of the other poems in this collection, Duffy has not titled the poem as “Mrs… ” (such as Mrs Lazarus and Mrs Tiresias) but as just “Thetis”. This may be making the point that in…

Comment of the effectiveness to the novel

There are many stories conveyed in chapter 3, some stories are more prominent than others. The most obvious story is that of Joe’s, as he is the narrator of the novel. Joe’s story follows one that is direct to his perception. This presents the reader with a biased account of what happened, and each character’s…

Commentary On Hawk Roosting and The Author

The poem “Hawk Roosting” demonstrates the predator and prey process through the extensive use of metaphors and personification. The hawk is portrayed as a ruthless predator who surveys its surrounding in search for its meal. At the same time, the hawk is personified as a ruler and creator who possess a great deal of wisdom…

Descriptive Statistics Commentary

In Condition A, participants were told to look at a list of words whilst listening to music, they were then asked to match the pairs with the music turned off. In Condition B the music was kept on whilst participants were matching the pairs. The mean average for Condition A is 4.8 pairs whilst the mean…

Comment on the reaction of the characters

How does Miller create tension in this episode? Comment on the reaction of the characters. (Pages 35-42) Eddie feels threatened by his young guest, Rodolpho the blond Italian immigrant. The reasons why Eddie feels threatened are based on the fact that Catherine seems interested in Rodolpho. Eddie being her guardian for so many years feels…

Commentary on Pip’s encounter with his benefactor

So far in this novel, Pip has been striving to be a gentleman ever since he met the beautiful but cold, Estella, when Mr. Pumblechook acquainted him with Miss Havisham, a heart broken, revengeful old woman, and Estella, her foster child. Because of Estella’s harsh use of words like you coarse common boy, Pip is…

Commentary on Rita Doves Fish Stone

One of the ways that humans can discover information about the past is through examining the remnants of the past. The only way that we know that past organisms exist is because living organisms die, it is an inevitable cycle. Though death is feared by many, it is a stipulation that comes with life. If…

Comment on the poetic devices

I am going to study two poems based on conflict. The first poem is “Belfast Confetti” by Ciar�n Carson and the second poem is “Slough” written by John Betjeman. ‘Belfast Confetti’ From what I understand, Carson comes from an Irish background and possibly used to be a local reporter. His attitude to conflict is that he feels…

An EVil Cradling – Rape Commentary

This passage from Brian Keenan’s ‘An Evil Cradling’ describes in first person narrative the scene when Said beats Brian in a manner analogous to a rape. This event gives us an insight into the guard’s weaknesses and their dependency on the hostages, making them – in a paradoxical way- the actual prisoners. On the other…

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