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The development of Beatrice and Benedicks relationship Essay

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Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship is very lively throughout the play. At the beginning of the play they mock each other constantly in a jokey banterous fashion. Both of them are very independent and don’t believe in love. Their friends trick them into falling in love with each other and succeed, so that by the end of the play Beatrice and Benedick have a strong relationship and marry. At the beginning of the play (1, 1) Beatrice and Benedick constantly mock each other trying to outwit each other with quite sharp comments.

For example Benedick says “well, you are a rare parrot teacher” to annoy Beatrice he says this in a jibing way to provoke her saying that she is too chatty and talks too much. Beatrice responds by saying “a bird of my tongue is better than a beast of yours”. By this she means she’d rather be a parrot that speaks too much than a beast that can’t speak well. She says this as a comeback. Beatrice insults Benedick by saying he’s untrue to his friends and a backstabber. “Who is his companion now he hath every month a new sworn brother” when Beatrice uses the words “a new sworn brother” she’s saying that he swears his trust to a new man every month. The use of the word ‘brother’ implies that they become really close before he turns on them. Beatrice says to Benedick’s face that he is “dull fool” and pretends that she doesn’t know that he is behind the mask at the masked ball. “Why he is the princes’ jester, a very dull fool”. When Beatrice is speaking to Benedick behind the mask, she carries on mocking him, the use of the word ‘dull’ shows that she thinks of him as boring, dull and not funny. (2, 1) When Benedick is tricked into loving Beatrice, he declares his love for her. He says “I will be horribly in love with her”.

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The use of the word horribly suggests that he is going to be madly in love with her. The audience can feel his strong emotions with the use of these words. (2,3) In the middle if the play, When Beatrice is tricked into loving Benedick she immediately declares her love back to him. “taming my wild heart to thy loving hand”. When Beatrice says this she is devoting her love to Benedick even though this was all just a big deception to get them to love each other. The use of the phrase ‘taming my wild heart’ suggests that she has finally found love and has been tamed like an animal. The audience get the feeling that both Beatrice and Benedick are quite desperate for love, even though they don’t show it, because as soon as the opportunity for love comes in they both take the chance despite the fact that they used to mock each other and things Benedick said that implies that he has no intent of marriage “Shall I never see a bachelor of three again” (3,1) Benedick says that although he cannot rhyme and write poems he is an amazing lover better than everyone in the world.

“Although Leander and Troilus have a reputation of being amazing lovers they are not as in love as I am” Benedick is saying that the best lovers Leander and Troilus is not as good as loving as him because the best thing he’s got is how much he loves Beatrice.

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